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Fast. Clean. Fresh.

Your laundry delivered in 24h

1. Schedule your

Plan your day with ease. Choose a collection and delivery time at your convenience.

Laundry service auckland cbd

Book online on our website 

5 Days a week availability 

Laundry pickup and delivery auckland

2. Pack your laundry

Pack your items in a disposable bag. Use one bag per load. Our driver will transfer them to a new laundry bag which you can keep for your next order.

Pack one bag per load

No need to weigh your items

3. One of our friendly crew
will collect your laundry

You'll receive a notification when our driver is nearby. They will collect your bags and take them to our laundry store.

Wash and fold service auckland

Regular order updates

Pickup and delivery notification

laundry home delivery near me

4. Relax while we take care of your laundry

We will clean your items with utmost care. Our driver will then deliver them back to you at your convenient time and day . You’re in full control of your delivery and can always reschedule if not at home.

24h turnaround time

Real-time order status

Easy to schedule

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